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Customer Support


Do I need verification?

Identity confirmation or account verification is not a mandatory procedure on our site. To make successful withdrawal, you just need to verify your email and phone number and complete your personal information in your profile. However, the administration of the company has the right to ask for proof of identity at any time of game activity.

Can I have multiple accounts?
Can I register an account if I am under 18?
I did not receive a confirmation email. What should I do?
How do I change or restore my password?
The website doesn't work, the reels spin slowly, and the game freezes up. What should I do?
How do I clear the browser cache?
I'd like to know more about cooperation with you
Can I update my personal information on my account?
How can I check the site's license?
How do I make a deposit?
What is the minimum amount for the deposit?
How quickly will my deposit be credited to my account?
My deposit was not credited to my account?
Can I deposit with someone else's bank account or e-wallet?
How can I withdraw money from my game account?
What is minimum withdrawal amount?
How much time does it take to withdraw money from the account?
I want to cancel my withdrawal, how can I do it?
Why is my withdrawal declined?
How to win in your casino?
The game does not work, what should I do?
The game freezes up and/or money is lost. What should I do?
Can I see my casino history?
Does your site have demo games?
Do I have any bonuses?
I am a new player, do you have anything special for me?
How to receive a Birthday Bonus?
Can I cancel bonuses myself?
What is the wager?
How to activate a promo code manually?
Loyalty Program
How do loyalty programs work?
What do statuses and levels in the table mean?
How to increase your level in the loyalty program?
What is the cost of 1 point, and in which currencies can bets be placed?
How to get the weekly bonus?
What are the main benefits of the loyalty program?
What is a bet in sports?
How do I place a bet?
What is an outcome?
What are the Odds?
How do I cancel a bet?
How much time does it take to settle a bet?
My bet was settled incorrectly. What can i do?
My bet was refunded. Why is that?
What is a live bet?
What is 1x2 bet?
Where can I see the Bet history?
I am not able to place a bet, what should I do?